• Apparel
  • To flip or not to flip

    I was looking forward to trying out the flipbelt. Most running garments being sparing where pockets and other nooks and crannies for carrying small items are concerned, the flipbelt seemed like a good solution. While barely taking up any extra volume and in fact adding a little oomph to a gal’s ensemble, it provides possibilities […]

  • Races
  • A tale… of sorts

    My first attempt at the 20km of Brussels race was, without a doubt, the most strenuous run I have taken part in so far. Leading up to the race Having had the brilliant idea of finishing my last training week with the overzealous tackling of a few hills, I ended up with a pain in […]

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  • Here we are

    Over 18 months have passed since Oli and I resolved to share our adventures with enthusiasts such as yourself, dear reader. We have a whole lot of perfectly good reasons for postponing our endeavour, none of which actually make for a valid excuse 😉 Assuming, as we do, that everything happens in its own time, […]