Fall in harmony – autumn is upon us

As autumn draws near, pulling down its shady curtains against the world, weariness sets in reflecting a reluctance to face the next chapter of the season cycle. It feels like something bright and optimistic is being taken away, if just for a while.
The time has come for the supposedly best period of the year – summer – to withdraw and make way for its melancholic successor.

From a sweltering summer…

Warmth and blissful oblivion dwindle as light plays an unlucky game of hide and seek with its fellow competitor, yet refuses to concede defeat to the shadows.
Then, as if by a spell, gone are the days of carefree frolicking on the beach and engaging in sea water sports. Hastily picking cherries from the garden tree before the birds get their sticky little “fingers” on them and shamelessly lazing and grazing well into the sunset are already but a memory.
The sun lounger’s fate makes for a regrettable sight on the lawn, loose sides of a now tarpaulin-covered structure flapping in the wind.
Refreshing juicy drinks are exchanged for warm and spicy beverages.
Happily soaking up the afternoon sunshine and giving in to self-indulgence are no longer taken for granted.




What blooms must wilt

Trees, ablaze with colour, begin to shed their golden and vibrant leaves, their arms at times spread out towards the hazy skies, at others bowing solemnly to the wind, mournfully sweeping away their scattered foliage.

Gloom increases as the day comes to an end, casting deep and long shadows at every corner.
Mist sweeps in from the sea, with the promise of lifting before long, yet does no such thing. Instead, it seeps thoroughly into the surroundings, sinking its damp claws into every space, lingering until its last breath.

The once bright sunny neighbourhood now offers a spectacle of dimly lit streets, raising the hope for a soft and sunny spell that would break the oppressive atmosphere.

… to the stimulating ripeness of autumn

Despite these seemingly disheartening images, no matter how I look at it, it is an exceptional time that requires change in many respects.
It is good. It is different, if anything because it stirs the cobwebs within.

Strolling along the waterfront, shuffling through the beds of seaweed or getting in a run in chilly weather is a treat in itself, one that accompanies the hues of nostalgia.
Crisp mornings, crunchy leaves underfoot, streaks of rain – from drizzle to downpour – not only warm the heart, but also get the blood pumping and heighten the spirit.




And when the last rays of sunlight cast a glow over the sky, shrouding it in darkness, then is the time to seat oneself around the hearth and enjoy whatever sustenance seems appropriate!
Whether a wee dram of pick-me-up nectar, a steaming hot bowl of pumpkin soup or a slice of blackberry crumble with clotted cream, if it feels good, then it does good!

So here’s to spooky tales, candlelit evenings, a good old “who dunnit” murder mystery film and other such delights.
All things considered, what is there not to like about this exhilarating transition from equinox to solstice?



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