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  • The Azmed pregnancy belt

    Hats off to the Azmed pregnancy belt: this very simple, yet incredibly useful, item has made physical activity – and more – easier these past few months. I might just as well help myself… It was during my fourth month of pregnancy that I decided to invest in this unassuming strip of material. Having read […]

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  • Fall in harmony – autumn is upon us

    As autumn draws near, pulling down its shady curtains against the world, weariness sets in reflecting a reluctance to face the next chapter of the season cycle. It feels like something bright and optimistic is being taken away, if just for a while. The time has come for the supposedly best period of the year […]

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  • A change of sea-nery

    Confusion is one of the many distinctive features of the mind. It dwells in the finite realm of phenomenon wherein so-called knowledge or the lack of it, everything and its opposite, and the incessant intersecting lines of thought try their best to cohabit sanely. Mirrors of the world As a part of this mental babble, […]