About Yv. & oli


It all started somewhere in time, my teens no doubt. Being a bit of a loner, I would do by best to skip team sports classes throughout secondary school to scamper off towards the closest track and run.

Years later, when I got married, I fulfilled one of my dreams by getting a treadmill that took up one third of my mother’s living room (to be fair, I hadn’t been clear about the size of the thing and she had no idea what she had said yes to).

I thought I was doing rather so well, hitting the belt regardless of the time I’d return from work. I never gave a second thought to form, any kind of skill, gradual transition or preparation for that matter. Running for kilometres on end, pumping up the incline in sync with the music, was an excellent way for me to let off steam and get the endorphins going.

It all ended rather abruptly and with rather serious breathing problems. That was it, end of story, or rather end of running.

That is, right up until I thought it best to accompany my husband on his first run ensuing an Achilles tendon rupture. How could I possibly leave him on his own to brave this dark, primeval world ^^? Bearing in mind the precarious condition he was in, I felt I wouldn’t be exposing myself too much either.

Well, that was 3 years ago, and here we both are, spreading our wings or – if you will – running our legs off.


oli :

En mai 2012, j’encourage mon beau-frère, et avec lui des tas d’inconnus, au marathon de Luxembourg et me fais happer par l’ambiance particulière d’un tel événement.
J’y vois aussi un couple franchir la ligne d’arrivée, main dans la main, après 4h de course et ça me touche…
Je trouve enfin la motivation pour devenir un peu plus actif et perdre une bonne partie des kilos superflus, accumulés depuis mon arrêt du volley-ball.

Un an plus tard, alors que je repars à zéro suite à une rupture du tendon d’Achille (sincèrement, je déconseille ;-), Yv. se joint à la fête et nous prenons beaucoup de plaisir à courir ensemble.
Après quelques courses locales, nous participons au semi de Remich (la route du vin😉 en 2014 et, le soir même, décidons de nous lancer un solide défi et nous inscrivons au marathon de Prague (mai 2015), que nous terminons, main dans la main en un peu moins de 3h55…