The Azmed pregnancy belt

Hats off to the Azmed pregnancy belt: this very simple, yet incredibly useful, item has made physical activity – and more – easier these past few months.

I might just as well help myself…

It was during my fourth month of pregnancy that I decided to invest in this unassuming strip of material.
Having read The Girl’s post on baby and maternity gear, I didn’t do much research in this regard and promptly opted for the belly support band she recommends.
I had the good fortune of being able to carry on with most of my daily activities due to an uncomplicated pregnancy. As a runner, I was eager to stay active and although there was no need for me to give up my regular workouts, I thought it best to err on the side of caution and reach for something that would help support my belly in the coming months.
Little did I know how handy the Azmed belt would turn out to be, even in the early stages of pregnancy.

Serves a wide range of purposes

Here are a few of the benefits that I discovered about the band:
– Holds the belly in place: prevents the baby bump from bouncing around too much and keeps it firmly in place.
– Provides lumbar support: by keeping things in place in front, it also gives the impression of lifting weight off the lower back and straightening it.
– Pulls the belly slightly upwards and, in doing so, takes some pressure off the bladder: it is not like the urge to answer the call of nature disappears altogether but it certainly helps with the pounding sensation (since lifting a leg by the wayside is not an option for me, this quality is not unimportant).
– Relieves the back when traveling: sitting for long periods sometimes caused my back to stiffen, the effects of which, I found, could last for several days. Once I discovered the belt prevented this from happening, I kept it on even to watch TV.

Thankful for a beautiful journey

For obvious reasons, I didn’t set any overly ambitious goals for myself during this period. If anything, my state led me to switch to a lesser intensity mode. Naturally, I was cautious and listened to the signals my body sent.
I feel blessed to have been allowed to function more or less “normally” throughout a condition that often carries a great deal of risk and, lets face it, deals with a certain number of preconceived notions.
Once I reached the end of the 8th month, my body told me it was time to slow down and start building up energy for the big day.
So here am I, entering the last stretch, free to indulge in all things yummy and idle, and spooky and Halloween-y! 😉
Any day now…
Ready when you are, Little One.

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    You’re one helluva Lucky Little One to have such a Mum

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