A forest is a forest is a forest

Believe it or not, woods are not just for running! A leisurely stroll is also perfectly acceptable 🙂
The land of my mother boasts its fair share of forests, many of which may be very similar in appearance but are quite different in various other respects.


Las Wolski - Kraków
Las Wolski – Kraków

Awaken your senses

While hiking on a wood trail you may experience many sensations ranging from carefreeness, lightness, peace and admiration, to awe, uneasiness and even a sense of foreboding.
That said, a walk in the forest can never be boring.
Just look at the way the light penetrates the tree crown, its rays permeating the air and bouncing back through the puddle at your feet, how the leaves – infused with the subtlest breath of wind – whisper softly to whoever is willing to listen, how the rain weightlessly surrounds you, wordlessly beckoning you to take a step further… not to mention the smell.
A blend of scents combined with air moisture exudes this particularly unique fragrance that reminds you that you are definitely on Polish soil and sends you down the spiral of childhood holiday memories.

Seeing with the heart

Each and every forest holds a secret known only to them.
The next time you find yourself in the woodlands, try to pay more attention to your surroundings. You might even want to close your eyes to fully appreciate what is – although essential – invisible to the eye and so easily goes unnoticed.
You might even let yourself be drawn to a tree, embrace it and feel its mighty energy, withstanding the ages, giving silently and selflessly.


Forest light
Las Wolski – Kraków

The child within

The woods are also a place of magic and fantasy for those willing to set prejudice aside.
Who knows, with a bit of luck, you might even glimpse the tail of a fairy’s gown, disappearing round the corner, or feel a goblin brushing past you as he dashes across the path towards his fairy tale abode.
In any case, give yourself the chance to witness something enchanting, if nothing but a reverie, by moving a little closer to Nature and the Unknown.


Light path
Las Wolski – Kraków

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