To flip or not to flip

I was looking forward to trying out the flipbelt.
Most running garments being sparing where pockets and other nooks and crannies for carrying small items are concerned, the flipbelt seemed like a good solution.
While barely taking up any extra volume and in fact adding a little oomph to a gal’s ensemble, it provides possibilities for storing gels, keys, a mobile phone, the odd tissue etc.


Here’s what happens when I slip it on: it feels nice and comfy around the hips, barely perceptible. Then around about 3 km, it gradually starts making its way up towards my waist. At this point the belt hovers and hugs my belly for another few kilometres (not entirely unpleasant but not what’s asked of it either). Its climb then slowly carries on until it hits yet another obstacle…

Now, I know for a fact I got the size right so I can only assume that this has something to do with one’s hip-belly ratio or something similar.
I’ve also tried positioning it at various heights and angles. Nothing doing…
I have to admit I’m disappointed and quite envious of those for whom the catchphrase
doesn’t move’ is accurate.
It simply doesn’t work for everyone so if you find yourself thinking there is something wrong with you, rest assured that there isn’t… at least not in this respect 😉
My advice, just try it out first if you can.

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  1. Nikita says: Reply

    I’ve been contemplating purchasing one of these for some time. They should offer a test drive (a test run?) before purchase.

    1. Yv. says: Reply

      We came across some additional information in the FlipBelt’s FAQs:
      It turns out once you’ve purchased the belt you can test it as long as you leave the tags on.
      If it doesn’t fit, you can return it!

      1. Nikita says: Reply

        Fantastic, thanks!

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